Apparently FTV Girl Harper is good friends with recent starlet ftv girl teal. I guess it’s true that good things come in pairs! Lol

FTV Girl Harper
Age: 23
Height: 5’7″
Figure: 36C-27-38 Natural!

Ftv girl Harper is a newbie here at ftv teen models. Let’s give her a warm welcome by featuring her first ever appearance in the adult world. This tall bright eyed beauty has a piercing stare and some killer curves, especially in the rear end!

Ftv harper was introduced to ftv girls by none other then ftv girl teal! Ftv girl teal was recently featured on ftv teen models and her debut was an instant success. Makes you wonder if something is in the water near those two. Or perhaps there are even more sexy friends of ftv teal and ftv Harper.

Ftv girl Harper shows us what she is all about in her premiere for ftv teen models. Those thick muscular legs support a big plump booty and she packs a great set of natural tits as well. Her spread pussy shots as she hikes her skirts outdoors got me very aroused and left me wanting more. And so there will be…

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